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"Knowing that we are there to lift someone up in their darkest of times is life-changing — for both our patients and us"
Perry Ochoa, Peer Support Specialist
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Who We Are

Ascend Healthcare works with external partners to provide integrated psychiatric and behavioral healthcare to patients across the country. We build fully integrated psychiatric medication management, substance use disorder treatment, counseling services, peer support and care coordination for seamless patient care.

Our Mission

Our mission at Ascend Healthcare is to create virtual and in-person access to care for as many patients suffering with behavioral health and substance use disorders as we possibly can.

Our Vision

To provide seamless behavioral health integration into Primary Care Practices, Federally Qualified Health Centers, and Specialty Clinics.

Our Values

Improved Patient Experience

Better Outcomes

Lower Costs

Improved Clinician Experience

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Who We Serve

Ascend Healthcare treats all patients ages 6 and up for any mental health or substance use disorder that exists. We provide patient centered care that is respectful of and responsive to individual patient preferences, needs, and values. We work with most major health plans and provide affordable rates for those without insurance to create the largest network of covered services possible.

Why Work with Ascend Healthcare?

Ascend Healthcare has a 97% retention rate among our provider staff proving the success of the partnership model. We work with our partners setting up patient workflows, creating upstream and downstream solutions, all while selecting an ideal candidate for healthcare delivery.  Ascend Healthcare recruits from across the country and removes geography from the recruitment equation by finding the best clinical fit for our partners.

In addition, Ascend Healthcare assimilates to fit with any organization’s workflow without requiring additional technology or software, allowing our teams to focus more on patient care and less on IT issues. We also provide support to all facets of billing and revenue cycle to assist organizations with billed charges and optimal collections.

Medical Leadership Team

Edmond Baker, MD

CMO, Ascend Healthcare: Board Certified OB/GYN
Serves as the Medical Director for Equality Health and provides oversight for staff treating high risk pregnant populations and Opioid Use Disorder

Rahsaan Lindsey, MD

Medical Director, Ascend Healthcare
Board Certified child/adolescent/adult and addiction medicine. Also serves as the team psychiatrist for the Arizona Diamondbacks and Arizona Cardinals.

Laura Barket, DO

Supervising Psychiatrist, Ascend Healthcare
Adult and Addiction Medicine Board Certified. Extensive knowledge in psychiatric crisis-care settings having provided oversight to clinics across Arizona.


Ascend Healthcare prides itself on building a diverse partnership group that has the largest impact for our patients. Some of our current partners include: