About Us

The Mission of Ascend Telemedicine is to create unique solutions within the healthcare industry by providing excellent care that is both affordable and easily-accessible.

Improving Healthcare Quality & Cost

The mission of Ascend Telemedicine is to improve access to care by providing tele-psychiatry in a variety of settings with the overall goals of promoting early intervention, recovery, and prevention of patients having to access higher levels of care. We are passionate about helping our patients to lead healthy and meaningful lives while also reducing overall healthcare costs.

Our company is currently filling a portion of those needs by providing telepsychiatry services in Arizona and Texas—both of whom rank extremely low in the country for overall lack of mental health care (Mental Health America, 2017).

Covid19 Testing

For inquires about testing for COVID19 please send us an email to AThome@ascendtelehealth.com.

COVID 19 testing