Add titleHow to make an appointment

Fist fill out the intake form under the Document tab in your menu to the left.

next step schedule an appointment by clicking on the appointment tab in your menu to the left.

then follow the instructions to schedule an appointment. once you schedule the appointment click on the intake form for your scheduled appointment and submit the appointment intake form that will have your pre-filled information. This is the form that is needed for every appointment. we will save your information so you dont have to fill out the form every time. But we do need an intake form for every scheduled appointment so make sure to click on the intake form that is with your appointment and update the information if needed or just submit the form if it has the latest information for you.

Once you have your appointment and intake for completed then you can watch our tutorial on how to use zoom and start your online appointment with your provider at the scheduled time.

thats how easy it is.